Book Club

At the request of many of the women in our Inspiration Lab community, we are experimenting with a business book club in May. We’ll be meeting in person, however, spaces are limited.

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 We're reading the book “Thinking in Bets” by Annie Duke.

I have returned to this book over and over again as I try to make complicated decisions, especially as it relates to Covid and the millions of factors to consider. The book provides a framework for working through some of business and life’s most complicated questions. The author, Annie, argues life is much more like poker than chess because there are so many things out of your control in real life. So how do we make a decision when we have incomplete information?



The Details

I recommend you get the hardback book, so we’re all on the same pages as we discuss. Ideally, you'll read the book, or at least most of it and highlight, underline, make notes, have at it. If you are an audible fan, that is ok, but the discussion will be harder to track because you won’t have notes or page numbers. I really recommend, you’d get the old school paper book, I don’t think you’ll regret it. 


Since we have limited seats, please make sure you’ll get the reading done so you don’t take a spot from someone who would love to come and has done their homework.


So if you’re in, order your book today so you can get reading right away.