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A members only workshop to focus on planning and goal setting, so you can have a banner year.






How Do Some Women Get So Much Done?

Do you wonder if you could ever make time to launch a side hustle or get back to running, like you did ten years ago? Do you often set goals and then forget about them? If you answered yes to these questions, the Inspiration Lab has something better than a workbook, DIY goal setting guide, or a podcast recommendation. We are offering our members only, Banner Year Blueprint workshop to help you define, narrow, declare, and create an action plan to start the side hustle, get back to running, and stop breaking promises to yourself.

Members, who purchase a ticket, will receive the Banner Year Blueprint workbook so they can be ready to begin working and preparing for Inspiration Lab's™ quarterly goal setting and planning. Banner Year Blueprint is members only because you will also be placed in LAB GROUPS of 6 women that will last the entire year to inspire accountability and create new friendships. 

Keep an eye out for specific dates for our quarterly planning dates. Quarter Two's in-person planning event will be in April of 2019.





Meet Your Lab Group


Know Thyself: Self Awareness & Past Success  / Workbook Section 1 


Blueprint For Success: Planning and Goal Setting for 2019 / Workbook Section 2 


Expect the Unexpected: Managing Roadblocks and Plot Twists  / Workbook Section 3 


Q&A and Discussion 







online course: $30  (includes workbook)

Sheri Shaw, Assistant Dean for Student Success, College of Health & Human Services, UNCW


I valued the transparency of the Inspiration Lab™ participants during the BYB small groups and their willingness to share their goals, roadblocks, and barriers.

Author Cleo Wade says, “Surround yourself with people who deserve your magic.”  BYB allowed me the intentional opportunity to meet some amazing ladies to confirm and affirm that there is support and that we can offer support to one another as we work to meet and make strides toward our 2019 personal and professional goals.