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A hands-on, in-person lab course designed to help business owners, entrepreneurs, and workplace leaders achieve the goals and dreams they’ve set.


We've All Felt unInspired

We’ve all been there. We’ve felt uninspired at work, like our upward career trajectory slowed, or we haven’t known where to get solid guidance for growing our business. And I bet we’ve tried the same fix: that conference where everyone walks away feeling ready to conquer the world, but without a plan and feeling overwhelmed when you work to translate notes from conferences and books to action.


Study Hall by the Inspiration Lab™ is different. It’s not a one-off conference; it’s a lab to leverage reading and teaching with in-person accountability, projects that can be applied in your actual business life, and a peer group to walk with you every step of the way. Whether you're a seasoned business owner, a brand new entrepreneur, or leading a team of one or one-hundred, this five month program will transform your career and business by equipping you with a toolbox of skills, resources, and relationships, to not only set goals, but complete them.


Study Hall is a blend of teaching and peer-led Lab Groups to help women fully apply what they learn into their lives and businesses. Lab Groups remain the same for the semester, so collaboration, camaraderie, and friendship emerge for every participant.


Students are expected to complete reading assignments before class so that Study Hall time can be leveraged to discuss how to apply material, rather than recapping reading. Study Hall is where education and application meet to deliver extraordinary results.




Every attendee will benefit from Stephanie Lanier’s experience. Stephanie is owner of two businesses, wife, mom to a son with special needs, community leader, and inspirational speaker. Stephanie not only teaches others how to experience personal and professional success, but most importantly, leads by example.


Stephanie is the leader of The Lanier Property Group, an award winning boutique real estate firm in Wilmington, NC. She was named one of Wilmington’s 5 Most Intriguing People and voted Best Real Estate Agent by the Star News. In 2017 she was named to an exclusive international list of Real Estate Influencers by Inman News. Stephanie has received national industry coverage for her out-of-the box content marketing and personal branding ideas.


She is the founder of a much celebrated women’s membership community, The Inspiration Lab™, which has been covered by the media as a community committed to creating leaders and empowering women. The Inspiration Lab’s™ sold out events and passionate members have helped women connect with each other, give back to their community, and develop the current and next generation of community and business leaders. 

The sneaky feeling of “being alone” as a female leader, and a desire to help build up other women on their business journeys, led me to open our first ever Study Hall class. Your investment of time (our most precious resource) will be richly rewarded. Your network of other women who are walking the same, challenging path of business leadership is going to expand and leave you inspired and with richer connections.


This is the year to invest in yourself and your growth. Can you imagine making time to sit around a table and “talk shop” with other women who get what it is like to juggle family/work/wellness/faith/life in the demanding world we live in? Prepare for a-ha moments when you hear other women talking about their HR strategy or how they are using special investment opportunities as business owners to save for retirement. Learn how to really read your P&L statement and balance sheet, while understanding how to better manage your cash flow. Brainstorm with your Lab Group about a new product or revenue stream for your business. Talk to your peers about how they get dinner on the table and find time to launch a brand refresh. Discuss your leadership strengths and weaknesses and how you plan to grow in 2019.


In Study Hall there are no dumb questions, we are all learners, and together we will help each other experience extraordinary success in 2019.

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5:00-5:30 pm  Social Time & Gather  


5:30-6:30 pm  Teaching Time based on each month’s material


6:15-7:15 pm   Lab Groups 

(Small groups of 4-6 women, peer led, same group for entire semester) 


7:15-7:30 pm   Wrap Up & Next Month’s Assignments


january 20

Personal Wellness

Podcast & Two Articles


February 24  

Financial Success & Planning

Profit First by Mike Michalowicz


march 24  

Team Building & HR

The Culture Code by Dan Coyle


april 28 

Creativity & Product Development

Ignore Everybody by Hugh MacLeod


may 19 

Tribes by Seth Godin




  • How Much Does It Cost & How Am I Billed?
    The cost is $9 a month. Prices will be going up in the summer/fall of 2019 so lock in your pricing today! You will be billed each month on the same day you originally became a member.
  • What If I don’t live in Wilmington, NC?"
    The Inspiration Lab™ is for any woman, anywhere in the world, who wants to live a better life from the inside out. We have events in our coastal dream town of Wilmington, NC, but there are still many opportunities to engage with the Inspiration Lab™ online. Online programs include Banner Year Blueprint workshops, as well as workshops around selected topics throughout the year.
  • What If I Want to Cancel My Membership?
    Cancel anytime, even though we’d be super sad to see you leave. You can cancel by emailing our Membership Manager, Lisa Barrett, at
  • My Credit or Debit Card Got lost or stolen & I need to change the billing info. How do I do that?
    What a bummer! We totally understand. Shoot an email to and she’ll help you get it fixed.
  • What Is A Squad?
    Squads are new in 2019 and are for members who are interested in a particular topic or in similar life circumstances. Squads will meet at least six times a year, but possibly more. Each squad has a leader for the entire year who will coordinate dates and times for meetings. Our first three squads are: Small Business Owners Squad (must have EIN # to participate), Leader Stephanie Lanier New To Town Squad (members who have lived in Wilmington for three years or less) , Leader Lisa Barrett Single Ladies (members who are single and are interested in traveling and/or attending events together), Leader, Arlene Reyes



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