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 SELF-CARE  Workbooks

Self-care is not selfish — it's strategic, and that's truer these days than ever before. If you were to get sick, totally burnt out emotionally, or become unable to help the ones you love, it would truly cause harm. Amid this global health crisis, we want to teach you how to optimize your life for self-care. Self-care and stress management are smart, especially when the stakes are this high.

If this is an area where you could use a little inspiration and teaching, then we have a FREE workbook just for you. Inspiration Lab founder Stephanie Lanier has written a downloadable workbook filled with principles and practices for these unusual times. 



There's also something extra special for those of you who own your own business. We know running your small business looks a little different right now. Now more than ever, as a small business owner, you’re spending a great deal of time and energy taking care of other people: your customers, your employees, your vendors, your partners. The list of people counting on you is likely growing by the day and that means you need to take your own self-care very seriously. This workbook walks you through five strategies for small business self-care as well as a checklist.

 HERE TO HELP  Crisis Checklist: Covid-19 Edition

It’s hard to think straight in a crisis because your body is using all its resources to sustain the hypervigilance you likely feel. Your body, mind, and emotions are all in survival mode.


This checklist can be used as we fight an invisible virus with far-reaching impacts.

 SUPPORT  Do you own a small business?

Our Small Business Squad is a group of women within The Inspiration Lab who gather monthly to talk about both the joys and challenges of owning a small business. We often joke we are CEOs... as in "chief everything officers." Before the pandemic, our group functioned as an in-person book club. But for the foreseeable future our squad will be online and operating during highly unusual circumstances.

Because of this, we will talk more frequently and we'll be focused on meeting our members' immediate business-related needs. Some of our members have already closed their doors, had to lay off employees, and need access to grants and loans right away. Other members run their businesses virtually and have not been impacted quite as much by the restrictions being enforced all over the country. It's a very challenging time to own a business, but we're here to guide one another through these difficult months. 

*To join the Small Business Squad, you must be a member of The Inspiration Lab and have an EIN.

 MEMBERSHIP  Want to know more?

The reason The Inspiration Lab is based on a membership structure is so we know who we're serving. We want to know the women who come to our events, read our checklists, and respond to our social media messages. We want to foster a community of like-minded women and, by developing a membership, we are able to serve these women on a much deeper level.


Due to the coronavirus, The Inspiration Lab is a community that now lives totally online for the foreseeable future, which means any woman, anywhere in the world, can join and at this moment in time get the full benefits.


Every day our private members-only Facebook group is busy with conversation, support, and inspiration. Remember: We may be physically distancing, but there's nothing stopping us from socially connecting. As of mid-March, we are hosting Inspiration Café, biweekly online meetings for our members to stay connected, learn from guest mentors, and have a soft place to land. In addition to these digital meetups, we also have special programming based on our members' needs. For example, a recent Zoom chat was held for our moms who are suddenly in the role of teacher and needing support and direction. 


Members also have access to our Member Directory, which fuels connections with fellow members, can watch all of the videos from our past conferences (which is priceless, if you ask us), and can download all the workbooks and checklists we have produced throughout the years.

Join the Community

Become a member today and start experiencing the power of inspiration.

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