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Welcome to The Inspiration Lab Podcast – your soft place to land and strong place to launch. We offer an authentic place for women to learn, be inspired by one another, and foster meaningful connections.

Tune In


From personal anecdotes to inspiring conversations with special guests, The Inspiration Lab Podcast is committed to shining an honest spotlight on the day-to-day ups and downs of life and business.



Stephanie Lanier

After participating in real estate conferences around the country, Stephanie Lanier began to long for events where women could speak about more personal matters. She was curious about how women were blending their work, families, and passions together. 


She wanted insight on how to grow as a mother (and as a caregiver of a medically fragile child), how to be a better leader at a growing company (without an MBA), and how to squeeze in self-care. She also wanted to find a community of like-minded women who were there to support one another through the good and the bad.


Stephanie noticed that when women were together in a safe and authentic environment, their conversations were real and transformative. She wondered if that intimacy and inspiration could be replicated through occasional meetups, and that is how the idea for The Inspiration Lab was born.


The Inspiration Lab has evolved and grown since its first luncheon in 2015. Through year-round programming and an annual conference, we are proud to provide a space where women can pursue more manageable and meaningful lives.


Now we’re excited to engage in even more conversation and connection through The Inspiration Lab Podcast, led by Stephanie, our founder and leader.

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