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The Real Estate Roundtable is a monthly gathering for Inspiration Lab members who are involved in the real estate industry. A primary focus is on residential real estate, however, members who practice in areas of development, multi-family real estate, and commercial realty full time will also find value. 


After the success of our first-ever women’s real estate conference in 2019, we saw an opportunity to serve our many members in this field. At our unprecedented event, women gathered from across the country in Wilmington, North Carolina, to discuss all things real estate. A highlight of the day was our smaller mastermind groups. Now we’re translating it all into our new virtual roundtable events. 


  • Each month we gather virtually to meet an inspiring woman in the industry and take a deep dive into a specific topic with her. This special guest is someone who is not only well-versed in the real estate world but has something unique to share. She provides teaching and wisdom related to the chosen topic and we engage in a dialogue on the subject. There is usually plenty of time for a Q&A, giving attendees the opportunity to ask questions in the Zoom chat box or on camera. In the end, we all leave a little wiser about the industry and with a new real estate connection.

  • The Real Estate Roundtable is typically held monthly on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday afternoons for about 90-120 minutes so our friends in different time zones can join in without having to wake up with the birds or majorly disrupt their schedule. 

  • Any woman who is a member of The Inspiration Lab can request to be added to the roundtable participant list by emailing our Membership Manager, Lisa Barrett, who will ask each member to fill out a brief questionnaire about her work in real estate. This is especially important so we can also highlight members as featured guests.

  • The Inspiration Lab is also keeping a “roll call” of all members who take part in the Real Estate Roundtable so we can easily connect members who are looking for an agent or vendor with whom to collaborate. This is similar to our Member Directory, but is our first-ever industry-specific list. 

  • Although an element of the Real Estate Roundtable is networking, the primary goal is to inspire and equip our members while encouraging them to form new and meaningful friendships along the way. 


October: Reviews: How to Get Them, Use Them, and Build an Entire Strategy Around Them

Guests: Jenny Wemert & Emily Smith

Date: Thursday, October 22

Time: 11:30am-12:30pm ET

November: Teambuilding & Delegation: You Can't Do It All — And You Shouldn't 

Guest: Caroline Gosselin

Date: Wednesday, November 18

Time: 2:30pm-3:30pm ET

December: All Things Zillow: Cost, ROI, Zip Codes, Reviews, ISAs, Profiles, and How to Know if This is the Right Platform for You

Guest: Veronica Figueroa

Date: TBD

2021: Farming, Coaching, Blogging, FB Advertising, Referrals, Client Events, Building a Better Bio, Media & PR, Public Speaking and More 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a fee for this?

At this time, the Real Estate Roundtable is included in Inspiration Lab membership dues!

What if I want to join the roundtable but not become an Inspiration Lab member?

This unique program is for members only, so we can foster deep, long-lasting, and meaningful relationships. Inspi Lab membership opens up from time to time, so we suggest you get on our waitlist here. We also have free events throughout the year, so we encourage you to take part in those!

Can I join the Small Business Squad and the Real Estate Roundtable?

Of course! Stephanie Lanier, The Inspiration Lab’s founder, leads both. The Small Business Squad often includes homework and preparation, though, whereas the roundtable is an event where you can just show up and take everything in. For the requirements to join the Small Business Squad, click here.

If I make a referral to another member, do I pay a fee to The Inspiration Lab?


Can my team members or assistant join the roundtable events with me or for me?

If your teammates or assistant are members of The Inspiration Lab, then of course. If you have an issue where you can’t personally attend, some events will be recorded — however, most of the magic for participants takes place during the small-group discussions and those are 100% for members only and aren’t recorded.

Have more questions?

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