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The Inspiration Lab is all about community. We wouldn't be what we are without the contribution of our members and their unique experiences and voices. Take a look at our featured blog contributors who write for us regularly and share their knowledge.

  • Erin Barbee

    As a professional organization and productivity consultant, Erin Barbee provides solutions to busy professionals, families, realtors, and businesses in eastern North Carolina.

  • Lisa Brooks

    UNCW professor and “professional encourager” behind Wilmington Thrive Tribes, Lisa Brooks knows what it takes to turn your life upside down and prioritize health and wellness.

  • Katherine Daniel

    Sheer drive and a desire to learn have steered Katherine Daniel through a career in advertising, media, and human resources to her dream job.

  • Drewe and Kate

    Drewe Smith and Kate Supa help companies elevate their brand and digital presence through photography, brand styling, logo design, and website creation.

  • Emma Johnson

    As the VP of Customer Support at Untappd, Emma is passionate about supporting other women, helping people achieve their goals, and making an impact as a female leader in the tech industry.

  • Hayley Luckadoo

    Hayley Luckadoo is passionate about helping women in business master their money, marketing, and motivation through coaching and speaking, as well as through her company, Luckadoo Media.

  • Haley Rae

    Brand designer and strategist, Haley Rae helps business owners strengthen their brands with design, strategy, and websites that convert through her boutique design studio, Studio Wilde. 

  • Alisha Richardson

    Alisha Richardson has excelled in management and leadership, has a strong passion for people and a gracious heart, and is a wife, mom, and triathlete.

  • Laurel Senick

    Besides surfing as much as possible, Laurel Senick spends her time as a documentarian, podcast host, author, and mental health counselor.

  • Sheri Shaw

    Sheri Shaw is an assistant dean at UNCW, an advocate for the African American community, and the moderator of the podcast, “Black Woman Working…”

  • Shari Weiss

    Shari Weiss is a former journalist, a lifelong devotee of pop culture and current events, and the freelance editor for The Inspiration Lab.

  • Linda Whited

    With a passion for helping others find meaningful work and their next better job, Linda Whited supports women in career transitions.

  • Parker Wilson

    Parker Wilson is the founder of Sparked Consulting, a consultancy committed to growing small businesses, and a devoted mom to her daughter and twin boys with her husband.

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