Crisis Check List
covid-19 edition

It isn't hyperbole to say our entire country (and world) is experiencing a crisis right now due to COVID-19. The Inspiration Lab's Crisis Checklist was originally written for our members who were going through personal crises ranging from losing a job to experiencing a miscarriage, the illness or death of a loved one, the early days of a divorce, etc. It was intended to provide actionable, realistic help in the midst of feeling overwhelmed. It was written in the context of being a helpful little guide for when you get life-altering bad news. In the past, in my own crises, people have truly struggled to know how to help me. This updated checklist, revised with the coronavirus in mind, includes everything I know about how to cope with the loss of the illusion of control, as well as how to reduce high levels of physical and psychological stress in a realistic way in order to find some hope in the midst of life-changing hardship. 

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