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The Inspiration Lab is a soft place to land and a strong place to launch for women from all walks of life. At least 20% of our supporters are small business owners. In an effort to help these women feel the comfort of a soft landing or the boost of a strong launch during this difficult time, we are launching a micro-grant program.



Recent national polls by the Kaiser Family Foundation and Glassdoor indicate women are feeling the weight, anxiety, and disruption of the COVID-19 pandemic disproportionately more than men. Yet in the 2019 North Carolina Small Business Handbook published by the Small Business Technology and Development Center in Raleigh, the power of women-owned businesses was clear. In the years between 2007 and 2018, women-owned businesses surged 58%(!) while all businesses increased 12%. Women also saw their employment rise 21% while other businesses declined at .08%. Total revenue for women-owned businesses jumped 46% while other businesses increased 36%.  These numbers are even more astounding when you consider that data shows women struggle more to find access to capital and strong mentors than their male peers. In short, if you want to invest in our economy, in the areas where it is truly growing, it’s smart to invest in women-owned businesses. And there’s never been a more critical time to do so. 


The Inspiration Lab’s Land & Launch Fund, a micro-grant program, is our way of saying very important things to women who own small businesses during this global crisis. Like: First off, we need you — now more than ever, your hard work, your ability to create jobs, and your can-do attitude is needed. Second, we see you — your dream, all those extra hours, all those times you didn’t pay yourself… your sacrifices matter! Third, this is a tiny way to bring you relief and even more hope. Consider this grant our way of saying we’re betting on you. We believe at The Inspiration Lab we should create the things we wish existed and nothing embodies that idea more than starting your own business. 


Each micro-grant recipient will be welcome to join our Small Business Squad, a group of women within The Inspi Lab who own small businesses and are on this same challenging, thrilling, exhausting, and wonderful entrepreneurial journey.  If you want to know more about our Small Business Squad, click here.

Who It's For

Small business owners who have been financially impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and need immediate cash flow in order to keep their business open, their household running, etc. Our micro-grants are gifts — they are not loans and never have to be repaid.

What It Can Do

Aside from offering financial relief to women in need, your generous donation will give something equal in measure: hope. Hope that there is a bright light at the end of this long, dark tunnel. Hope that, during any hardship, there will always be a soft place to land or launch and other women cheering on the road to success.

How You Can Help

Anyone with a generous heart can donate to the Land & Launch Fund through GoFundMe.

  • How Much Does It Cost & How Am I Billed?
    The cost is $9 a month. Prices will be going up in the summer/fall of 2019 so lock in your pricing today! You will be billed each month on the same day you originally became a member.
  • What If I don’t live in Wilmington, NC?"
    The Inspiration Lab™ is for any woman, anywhere in the world, who wants to live a better life from the inside out. We have events in our coastal dream town of Wilmington, NC, but there are still many opportunities to engage with the Inspiration Lab™ online. Online programs include Banner Year Blueprint workshops, as well as workshops around selected topics throughout the year.
  • What If I Want to Cancel My Membership?
    Cancel anytime, even though we’d be super sad to see you leave. You can cancel by emailing our Membership Manager, Lisa Barrett, at
  • My Credit or Debit Card Got lost or stolen & I need to change the billing info. How do I do that?
    What a bummer! We totally understand. Shoot an email to and she’ll help you get it fixed.
  • What Is A Squad?
    Squads are new in 2019 and are for members who are interested in a particular topic or in similar life circumstances. Squads will meet at least six times a year, but possibly more. Each squad has a leader for the entire year who will coordinate dates and times for meetings. Our first three squads are: Small Business Owners Squad (must have EIN # to participate), Leader Stephanie Lanier New To Town Squad (members who have lived in Wilmington for three years or less) , Leader Lisa Barrett Single Ladies (members who are single and are interested in traveling and/or attending events together), Leader, Arlene Reyes
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