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Mastering iPhone Photography with Drewe and Kate

Drewe and Kate is a creative studio that helps companies elevate their web presence with beautiful brand imagery, strategic social media management, and powerful content creation. You may remember Drewe Smith and Kate Supa from our Girls Guide to Business Besties blog post from last year! Today they are sharing their tips on making the most of your iPhone photography.

We LOVE our fancy cameras, but they aren’t always with us OR maybe they aren't an option at all for you. Right now, iPhone photography is the only option for your business. Here are our top tips for producing high quality content with your iPhone.



Pick a filter and make it your BFF. One way to make sure that your brand imagery is consistent is to stick to the same color tones in each image/ by using the same filter. One of our favorite photo editing services besides our trusty Lightroom is A Color Story. While we would never edit our professional photos in here, we do love it for when you have that perfect iPhone photo that you’re ready to get on the gram, you can take it up a few notches in just a few clicks! Below is a quick tutorial on how to use A Color Story.

How To:

1. Download the app to your phone, open it and select the photo you want to edit. 2. Click filters- they have a ton of free ones or you can buy a preset pack! Once you select your filter you can adjust the intensity using the slider at the bottom. Click the check mark once you’ve got it. 3. Hit the little grey arrow on the left to go back and click adjust to adjust for exposure, contrast temp, etc. On that home menu you can adjust anything from tilt to adding in cool effects! 4. When you’re ready to export click the arrow in the upper right hand corner and save! Easy peasy.


Can we be honest for a second? What works for your friends or even for us may not be the right fit for you! Take your time exploring poses and filters until you feel like you reach a look that truly represents you.

Drewe's Styling Tips

Your Instagram is a great way to show off your core values while also letting your followers get to know you/your business. Don’t be afraid to experiment until you find the best way to get your message out there visually.


There are so many elements that go into a well composed photo. A flat photo will not get you the engagement you are looking for. The more you can notice the textures and patterns around you and incorporate them into your images the more successful you will be in creating a dynamic image.  Styling wise this means adding texture (think paper or ribbon) and shapes (think pens in an office shot or plates in a food shot) into your image to give it dimension.


No one wants to see a picture of a blank table with coffee! Add in those elements that make it a unique picture to YOU. A few goto options are a notebook with your logo on it or your favorite coffee mug. These small elements also let your followers get to know you a little bit better.


My favorite styling trick is to make sure that if you have three different size shapes in the shot. This adds interest and doesn’t make the viewer look for symmetry (which is a blessing).



If you’re inside go find a window. You want natural light on your face so have whoever is taking your photo should have their back at the window while you face the window

If you’re outside – find Shade! Overcast conditions are your best friend. Shade defuses your light while making your image less harsh.


Know your good side! I’ve found that most pictures look best when they are dynamic. What does that mean? It means, not being flat in front of the camera. Don’t be afraid to twist your body and work your angles. It may feel silly in the moment, but the results will be worth it!


A boring backdrop is a real picture killer. Embrace color! I am famous for making #davebabe pull over in front of any wall with a bright hue- anything for the shot, right?!



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