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Steph’s Favorite Things (Summer 2020 Edition)

We know everyone is looking for special things these days… to give as gifts, to enjoy at home with family, or just to bring a smile to your face. Below are some of my summer favorites. I had to leave off so many items that are sold out. But here’s the good news: Prices start at 99 cents for my favorite shaving cream, and quite a few of my picks are on sale right now. Who knew you could treat yourself for less than $1?

I love this stuff. It’s so cheap, so good, so fluffy and rich, I’ll never use another shaving foam again. Also, did I mention it costs 99 cents?!

I LOVE this dress from Boden — nobody does rainbows better than they do… and this dress is on sale!

Speaking of rainbows, these super comfy shoes will bring a colorful pop to your outfit and they are also on sale right now! They are perfect to wear right now with my summer dresses and will take me right into the cooler weather in the fall.

This mask isn’t cheap, but it is cute and functional, and I can breathe pretty well through the material. #winwin

They are sold out in pink, but these black ones look pretty fun too.

These are one of my favorite Target items ever. You can find them almost all year long in the seasonal area, especially in the summer. I have tons of them as they are great for car trips and carrying things around. I also like that they collapse when not in use.

I love this tasty drink, which is perfect for the summer heat because it’s a blend of rosé wine and sparkling water with low calories and low alcohol content. It is my go-to hot-weather drink. I also love that it was started by a local couple! Read the backstory here.

You know I love a rainbow, and when you mix that with seersucker, it’s pretty much a winning combo in my book. Also, this cute top is on sale!

Also on sale and will bring a smile to your face even on the cloudiest days!

This is the color I am always drawn to for summer. Do you have a favorite nail color you pick over and over?

I keep these in my desk drawer as an afternoon treat. I love the texture and pop of flavor.

Pastel highlighters? #perfection

This is the perfect water bottle to carry around, mostly because the way the lid works is genius. It’s also super easy to clean and comes in fun colors!

I love these because I use sticky notes on my whiteboard all the time for planning out Inspiration Lab content and organizing all my real estate deals.

My yellow-and-white polka dot dress is on sale for $18 at Target… could there be anything that screams “SUMMER” any louder?!

This is the cutest little phone case that ever was! You can use it as a folio or just keep the case with cherries as your main case. I love it and, despite its hefty price tag, I am super happy with it and would buy it again. P.S. Kate Spade has a sale basically every day.

These are on sale too! I like the blue/aqua ones the best. These are now on my screen porch and I get to see them every day. They are my favorite outdoor purchase of the year and they are the perfect size for a smaller space!


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