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Steph’s Summer Must-Haves

Did you see the weather forecast for this week? Summer is here. And with summer comes a need for hydration, sun protection, and beach gear. Take a gander at my top picks!

Black and White Floppy Hat: I love this hat because it is super cute and super affordable. At less than $15, this brings some serious style to your pool or beach bag. I dropped it in the ocean and it dried perfectly. Pair it with a black one-piece and oversized sunglasses, and you’ll have a great look.

Yes Way Rosé Cans: With so many picnics, pool parties, and beach days, I love that I can take my favorite rosé with me everywhere. These cans are so cute and just right for a summer refreshment.

Tama Tea’s Lavender Lemon Sparkling Green Tea: Summer and sun mean a need for increased hydration. Hydration is critical to so many aspects of a healthy life. This sparkling green tea tastes like heaven. Get this fizzy goodness made in person at Tama Tea, or buy it canned at one of their stores.

Kate Spade Wallpaper: We put this in my office, and I am LOVING it! I never tire of it, and it ignited my budding wallpaper obsession. My powder room at home is up next.

Old Navy Gingham Midi Dress: This dress was MADE for summer and for your Fourth of July celebrations! The price is reasonable, and although it gets a little wrinkled when you wash it, it holds its shape. I also love the snap button at the top — I don’t have to have it sewn shut or safety pinned.

Foxhound Flower Farm Summer Subscription: I LOVE flowers, and I am so pumped about my summer flower subscription with Foxhound Flower Farm. Beyond instant joy, it also forces me or someone from my team to go to Love, Lydia Bakery (one of my favorite coffee shops) every Friday morning to pick them up.

Perpetual Creatives Calendar by Lindsay Letters: I have had my eye on one of Lindsay Letters’ calendars forever. In my new office we finally have space for one, and I love it so much. I have the “hive” size, which is 36x29, and would have gotten the “epic” version if I had even more wall space. I also have a serious obsession with washi tape; I found the perfect thin washi tape for calendar use at Papersource.

Beach Wagon: This beach cart has changed my life! When we head to the beach with our son Oliver, we require so much stuff, just like with any kid. This cart fits four beach chairs, two umbrellas, a cooler, and our bag. The wheels are made for sand, which helps when you’re making the haul out to the surf. I got mine at Bed Bath & Beyond, and it has been worth every penny (even better if you use a 20%-off coupon).

If you see me this summer, there’s a good chance you’ll see at least one of the items on this list. I’d love to hear about your experience if you try one of these. And, because personal experience is always the best recommendation, I want to hear about your own summer picks!


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