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Thank You to Our Conference Sponsors!

Updated: Mar 16, 2020


Many thanks to Embassy Suites for being our very first sponsor and a great partner for our first Real Estate & Marketing Intensive, speaker dinner, and welcome reception. The hotel is also a wonderful place to rest our heads in between full days.

Dr. Sarah Pless is my dentist and I wouldn’t recommend anyone else! Her office is beautiful, and from the moment you walk in, you feel more like you are in a spa than a dental office. From the Tama Tea on tap to massage chairs and the incredible staff… this place is truly special. As one of our Inspiration Lab members, Dr. Pless is a champion for all working women and we are honored to have Renaissance Dental Studio as our main stage sponsor.

A quick shout out to the Lanier Property Group team for all their support and help with The Inspiration Lab, especially the Real Estate & Marketing Intensive! Thank you Lisa, Mandy, Janet, Julie, Kelsey, and Lindsey!


We are thrilled to welcome the Apiture team to our conference for the first time and appreciate their generous support.

We are so thankful for our friends at Coldwell Banker for showing their support of our first-ever real estate event. We are also grateful they are sharing one of their top agents and a true gem of a person, Melanie Cameron, with us as a speaker.

Live Oak Bank continues to grow and be a catalyst for so many great things in our area. We appreciate their support and them lending us one of their rising stars, Lindsay Harkey, to speak about leadership at our Signature Conference.

I do all my business banking at BB&T. They have been incredible partners in helping The Inspiration Lab grow and are champions for small business owners everywhere. A big shout out to John Gardner for taking great care of me and to Charlie Mattox for believing in The Inspiration Lab (and me) from the start.

I have really enjoyed working with the team at Tribute Companies over the years. We love referring our real estate clients to their apartment communities and are so thankful for the revitalization they have brought to so many areas of our city. We are thrilled to have their President of Property Management, Maria Pietroforte, speaking at our Real Estate & Marketing Intensive!

Kim Lennert is an Inspiration Lab member, huge supporter, and sponsor of this year’s event. If you’ve been around The Inspi Lab for any length of time, you know we are huge Spoonfed fans. Kim is so authentic, hardworking, and smart. We feel lucky to call her a friend, a member, and a vital part of The Inspi Lab movement.

AnnMarie Janni’s Element Realty Group in the Raleigh/Apex/Cary area has been our top go-to referral partner for years. AnnMarie’s hard work, dedication to teamwork, and incredible customer service means she’s always the one we call.

We use Sahara Crawlspaces all the time at Lanier Property Group and love working with them! We are thankful for their ongoing support as friends and sponsors.

Logan Homes builds beautiful, quality homes, and also is committed to giving back to the community. As Logan Homes rapidly expands in the coming years, we are thankful for their support.

Sabrina Davis is a founding member of The Inspi Lab and a dear friend of mine. We met in an elevator at the Wilmington Convention Center years ago and from that has grown a friendship built around our love of our families, our businesses, and the film industry. Every beautiful sign you see is the handiwork of Sabrina and her talented team. We feel lucky beyond measure to have them sponsoring our events.

When we wanted to wow our attendees, there was only one name on the list for event planners in town: Jen Rose with Salt Harbor Designs. Jen has been stunning us with her creativity and design skills for years, so we are honored to have her with us as a sponsor, making our event so beautiful. Jen is also one of our first-ever Inspiration Lab Business Members, offering membership to her entire staff. Pretty cool, huh? We love you, Jen!

Brooke Skipper was one of the first people to jump on as a sponsor last year when we truly didn’t know what we were doing. In addition to sponsoring The Inspi Lab, I have had the pleasure of working with Brooke and her team in my real estate business and I can’t say enough good things about the way they do business (it is truly different) and all they offer.

Jason Wheeler and I became friends through UNCW initially. After hearing so many wonderful things about his reputation, we signed up with him to manage our company IRA accounts and have been thrilled with the experience, results, and customer service. Jason is a true champion for women-owned businesses (his wife has one) and we feel thankful to have him and his staff on board as business members as well!

I have always been such a huge fan of Intracoastal Realty and their awesome agents. We are fortunate enough to have Sheri Ingle speaking at our Real Estate & Marketing Intensive, bringing her energetic optimism to our audience. I am thankful for the support I have always felt from Jim Wallace and Trey Wallace as a fellow independent broker, and I love having them signed on with so many other wonderful brokerages in town.

Adam Shay has been my CPA for years and he has helped us make wise financial plans, which have helped fuel our growth and stability. Adam specializes in helping entrepreneurs, and as a business owner himself, he understands the challenges and triumphs of small business ownership. His firm is a certified B Corporation, which says a great deal about who they are and how they work. Thanks for the support, Adam and crew.

Alyssa Hellman is a coach I have referred many friends to for help with growing their real estate business or other small businesses. Alyssa is also a gifted speaker and one of my dear friends. We are so grateful for her early and enthusiastic support in every way.

I love going to Coastal Massage — so much so I have had a monthly membership for two years. I look forward to my time at the spa, from the relaxing environment to all the amenities and the best team ever; it is a great place for rejuvenation. A special thanks to the owner, Theresa Stevens, for being one of The Inspiration Lab’s very early sponsors and for believing in us from the start.

Jenna Curry is an expert in Facebook marketing, which our Day 2 conference attendees will witness firsthand. Working with Jenna has taught me so much about a platform I thought I knew well. In addition to Remedy Digital Agency, Jenna is the founder and owner of Port City Young Professionals and Wilmington Today. Talk about an entrepreneur! Thanks for your support and friendship through the years, Jenna!

At Lanier Property Group, we work with Collins and Collins, and their team, almost daily and consider them valuable partners. We are so thankful for their responsiveness and willingness to talk us through complicated issues in real estate. To Robby Collins and Andy Collins, we are thankful for your commitment to Lanier Property Group and The Inspiration Lab; it means so much.

Samantha Darrough has become a friend and Inspiration Lab supporter and we are so grateful. As a lender she takes great care of our clients, and with a background as a teacher, her patience and organization set her apart.

I have been seeing Dr. Rosalyn George for years and trust her completely. From skin checks to Botox, she’s my girl. I love that they are a one-stop shop for skin care products, services like facials, and other procedures too. Members, keep your eye out for a special event with WDC in 2020!

Drewe and Kate came on board with The Inspiration Lab at our 2018 conference and we haven’t stopped working with them since. From epic photo shoots to our carefully cultivated Instagram feed, if we look good, it is in large part due to Drewe and Kate. They have supported us in a million ways, but we are honored to have them as official sponsors of the event.

We have many agents who are friends at Keller Williams and we were so happy to sign them on as sponsors this year. We appreciate KW’s desire to elevate the whole industry, not just their agents. Thank you so much!

Some of my favorite humans in the world work at Untappd. I had the good fortune of working with the original Untappd team in a coworking space for more than three years as both of us launched our respective companies. A deep friendship formed, so much so that Untappd and Lanier Property Group had an official paintball fight one weekend (and I bet you can guess the winner). To Kurt Taylor and the entire Untappd team, we are so thrilled to have you as sponsors, love that many of your employees are members, and appreciate your ongoing, generous support of working women.

Heather Matuse is a real estate client, friend, and Inspiration Lab member. As we rolled out sponsorships, Heather wanted to think outside the box for her company that sells essential personal goods for people of all ages. So we created a custom ladies lounges (aka the bathroom) sponsorship for our friends at CapeMEDex to make every part of our attendees’ day inspiring. We appreciate the CapeMEDex team for their support and creativity too!

As one of our Inspi Lab members, Parker Wilson saw our sponsorship packet early on and quickly scooped up our fairy hair sponsorship. Parker has become a bright light in my life personally and professionally. She brought Hatch Tribe here to Wilmington, which is a group for entrepreneurs and is a huge champion for working women.

From the moment I saw Spinning Cotton at an event last January, I was in love. Edible glitter and flowers on top of fluffy clouds of sugar — YUM! So when Spinning Cotton signed on as a sponsor, I was thrilled to not only have their support, but also allow our welcome reception attendees a chance to taste their magical confections!

Scott Oyler and his team are co-sponsoring our live-stream for the Real Estate & Marketing Intensive. We can’t thank our friends in Ohio enough for believing in us and cheering us on from so far away.

Working with Kenny Ritter the past year or so has been great for our team. Kenny has been super responsive, flexible, and even comes to our meetings to do education with our team. We appreciate your support, Kenny!

Anthony Malafronte and his team are co-sponsoring our live-stream for the Real Estate & Marketing Intensive. The idea for the live-stream was 100% Anthony’s… so a huge thank you to him and his team for their support and encouragement from Florida.

We have had the pleasure of working with North State Bank for many years now. Our go-to lender there is Daniel Pedroni, who did my own refinance. Daniel and his team, including Deb, make working with them a breeze, and with such a highly respected bank behind them, we see many more ways we can grow together.

Elise Wilson at UBS Financial has been a faithful Inspiration Lab member and a great advocate for teaching women about all things financial. We are delighted to welcome them on as a sponsor this year!

Anna Christain owns Leverage and is the transaction coordinator I hire for my real estate deals. She and I have been working together for almost a year and it has been one of the best decisions I have made. Thanks, Anna, for your support of The Inspi Lab and my real estate transactions too!


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