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Episode 18: Resources for Parents of Children with Special Needs with Meredith McCumbee

Updated: Oct 20, 2021


Resources (and How to Find Resources) for Parents of Children with Special Needs with Meredith McCumbee

There’s no handbook for parenting and especially not for parenting a child with special needs, a diagnosis, or who is considered medically fragile. So many parents struggle financially, emotionally, and tangibly to find the right resources, support, insurance, etc., for their child. In this episode of our caregiving series, Stephanie chats with her friend Meredith McCumbee about all the resources they think are so important for parents to have and be aware of, how to find the right resources for your family and your child, and a few of their own experiences with these resources as well.

Read more about Meredith.
Check out our resource list for children with special needs & critical illnesses in Southeastern NC.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

UNCW Feeding Program

CAP/DA Program

Innovations Waiver

CVS Delivery

NC HIP Program

Opportunity Program Scholarship

Education Savings Scholarship

Welcome Home Angel Program

Victory Junction


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