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Stephanie’s Favorite Things — 2020 Holiday Edition

It’s time for my list of favorite things this holiday season. This year I had my Christmas trees up and shining bright by early November. To be fair, we needed to take photos with the trees for some of the pictures you’ll see below, but it just felt like 2020 needed some extra sparkle and light sooner than later. I hope you find an idea for a friend or yourself on this list of everything from fun to frivolous to functional and, of course, festive to make your holidays extra merry.

When I saw this doormat on Kirkland’s website, I just had to have it. At $15, it was an impulse buy I am not regretting.

I love these pre-lit lanterns. They have a timer so that for six hours each night, they’ll come on and then turn themselves off. You can easily remove the Christmas decorations if you want to use them year-round. I bought two of them during the fall and plan to redecorate them for the holidays in colors that match my

other decorations.

I dehydrate easily, so my nutritionist recommended using Liquid I.V. before I’m in the heat or exercising. It seems to work much better than other options out there, plus it tastes yummy!

I love these holiday-themed face masks from Old Navy. They are adjustable, festive, comfortable, and oh so jolly.

Anything called a “milkshake rainbow” pajama set is going to appeal to me and these are from one of my favorite brands, Boden. Andrew got these for me for my birthday and they are the highest-quality fancy pajamas I have ever owned. The velvet trim work, the weight of them, and the POCKETS are awesome.

This is the most comfortable dress ever! If you’ve seen me over the past month, you’ve seen this one in heavy rotation. I love how it is loose-fitting but still cute and professional. Of course it has pockets, and you can dress it up or down depending on what you’re feeling.

If you want literal twinkle toes, these shoes from Old Navy are for you. I’ve only had mine for about a week so far, but they are comfortable. I think with a few more trips to the grocery store, they will be even more flexible.

These are my favorite vitamins because they cover lots of bases and they are gummies, so I don’t have to swallow 25 other pills.

These are simply the BEST slippers ever! They keep my cold feet warm all winter. (I had to size up, FYI.)

Do yourself a favor and order this super-affordable, super-well-made nightgown/house coat. This thing is super-soft, has pockets (yay, perfect for your phone!), and washes super-well. I’ve had this for an entire winter season and couldn’t wait until the weather changed and it got cooler again. All the women I love are getting one of these this year. Pair this with the slippers above and you’ve got the coziest gift.

Let’s be honest — many of us aren’t washing our hair as much as we did pre-pandemic. This is my favorite dry shampoo because of how it works and how it smells.

If you want to mail someone a really special sweet treat, this one will never disappoint. It is so delicious. We usually get one from Andrew’s parents for his birthday and put part of it in the freezer and eat from it all year.

At our house we lost so many forks and spoons over the past year that we needed some new ones. I decided to change over to gold ones because I’ve always wanted them — and I have to tell you, I smile every time I use them!

These are repeats from the past because they are still the absolute best hot tea and hot chocolate options for the holidays. The caffeine-free tea tastes and smells like Christmas. And this hot chocolate is my favorite flavor from Williams Sonoma, though ALL of them are delicious! Pour in a little peppermint schnapps if you’re feeling extra festive.

I spent a LONG time researching outdoor fire table options because once a week we have the grandparents over for dinner on the deck. My grandmother is almost 84 years old and she gets cold easily, so we paired this with an outdoor heater, and as long as it isn’t below 45 degrees, we’re all pretty comfortable.

For custom and super-special Christmas presents, consider these: My friend Elizabeth Sheats does beautiful custom watercolors (I have a huge one of Bald Head Island in my living room) and my friend Melissa Tyson creates beautiful jewelry (I have two of her rings and I love them both!).

However and wherever you are celebrating the holidays this year, I hope you get a few of your favorite things!

Happiest Holidays,


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