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Stephanie’s Favorite Things — 2021 Holiday Edition

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

My 2020 list of my favorite things brought some much-needed joy during the holiday season last year. Now I’m so excited to share the 2021 edition! What makes this time around even more special is that I’ll be doing a big 12-day giveaway! Stay tuned for details on how you can WIN some of the items below.

Okay, it really works. The hype is real. I have thin, blonde lashes and this stuff is amazing! I’m a big fan.

This is my all-time favorite Christmas scent and the Thymes brand has everything from diffusers to candles and beyond.

I have this dress in red and black and love them both. I wish they had pockets, but otherwise, it’s a great shape and super comfy. If you don't like things to fit closely, the smocking on the sleeves could bother you. I ordered a medium and a large and I kept the large because it was a bit longer for the length (more work appropriate) and also had a bit more space up top in the shoulder area. The red version would be perfect for the holidays.

I love this fragrance and I keep the lotion in my desk drawer, at my house, and also in my car. It’s just the right amount of scent and a light lotion that is perfect for year-round use. They also sell soap, kitchen cleaning spray, candles, and more in this scent.

I love the message on these little air fresheners, but also the smell. If you’ve ever been in an Altar’d State store, then you know what I’m talking about. It is a heavenly scent and now you can have it in your car!

I love this super-cool projector. It’s great for kids’ rooms or just for a surprise in the guest bathroom when you have friends over to your house. You can even change the colors and constellations. They often go on sale or have specials.

7. Liberty School Wine from Hope Family Wines for $16-$25 This is my all-time favorite cabernet sauvignon and it’s usually found at a pretty decent price point around town. I find it to be a crowd-pleaser and family favorite during the holidays too.

Many thanks to my friend Annie for introducing me to this brand of natural drink mixers. I love their unexpected combinations and how they taste amazing but not like a syrupy kids’ drink. Check out all their fun flavors! These are also fun for making tasty mocktails for a dry January or for a mom-to-be.

If you subscribe to The Inspiration Lab newsletter, you know all about me taking a beginners’ tennis class and how much I’m loving it. This is the cutest shirt and perfect for practice or lessons.

Since I’ve been taking tennis lessons, I discovered this brand of socks. They are so comfortable, give lots of support, and are warm without being hot.

I bought these for my team as a holiday gift so that each day we can share in the exploration of a new wine together in the lead-up to Christmas. I love that it is a true advent calendar in that there are a full 24 days of baby wine bottles, not just 12.

I had some of these made for some of my health care hero friends and here are mine and Oliver’s too. How fun are these?! (We’ll have photos that Millie is taking for this to use for this photo)

I like that you can get matching family jammies that are super-cute and soft. We’re featuring these jammies in our family Christmas card photo this year.

14. Sphere Central Coast Chardonnay from Trader Joe’s for $6.99

I love this chardonnay. I know it isn’t cool to love butter chardonnays anymore, but I still do. This wine has a decadent amount of cream and butter along with baked apple. Yum! The wine was fermented in stainless-steel tanks, underwent malolactic fermentation, and was then aged in oak barrels. Those are all things you do not normally find in a $6.99 chardonnay.

These are the cutest thank-you cards around and they have a tiny bit of glitter. They even come with envelopes with a yellow liner that I love and the paper is thick!

I have been on the hunt for a new watch that is pretty enough to wear for professional work meetings, but also tough enough to handle my life as the mom of a child with special needs who has been known to break jewelry. I also like that you can get mix and match bands to change up the look!

I gave this gold-plated pinky ring to my dear friend for her birthday and I think it is the most fun and wonderful gift to give a friend who has been through a rough patch with life, love, work, kids, their health, fill in the blank. I also adore the owner of this company, Jessie Yeager, and love supporting businesses like hers!

I have been on the hunt for good quality, cute, comfortable flats that can support my flat feet that so often hurt when wearing cheaper ballet-type flats from other brands. I love a cute, cheap shoe that I won’t wear long, especially if it’s trendy, but I needed to have at least one solid pair I could wear for hours that would give me support while showing properties to clients. And voila… here they are!

I love this perfume, which is perfect for the fall and winter. It is warm and woodsy and also has a hint of vanilla. It is technically a unisex scent, and if you smell it, you’ll know why. I received it as part of a sample of many of the other Replica fragrances, which I also liked, but “By the Fireplace” is my favorite. The fragrance also has lasting power, so a little goes a long way.

Y’all know I am obsessed with my Oura Ring and I have just placed my order for the third-generation model. I ordered the gold ring this time and I’m hoping I’ll enjoy wearing it during the day, because to be honest, it is so big that I often only wear it at night. I will get it sized to fit my right index finger versus my silver one that now fits on my left ring finger. I love to wear rings, so figuring out how to make it work on my hands during the day is an ongoing challenge. I am sure they will eventually get smaller. Regardless, this third-generation ring does SO much more than just track your sleep and I can’t wait to get that additional data. I’m a big sleep nerd, so the insights the ring and tracking provide for sleeping better are totally my jam! (Pro tip: Definitely get the ring sizing kit before ordering the ring – they fit unlike traditional rings and the right fit is key for properly monitoring your stats!)

This is the best deodorant around. I’ve tested it all summer in the Wilmington heat and it works. It is not an antiperspirant — just FYI — but if you need to stay feeling (and smelling) fresh, I love this brand and all their products.

I have never used a daily sunscreen before (don’t kill me) because they were too thick, but this Supergoop! stuff is truly miraculous. I do wear it every single day and I am so happy that it sits under foundation (or all alone) and hydrates while it protects my face at the same time.

Pop, clink, fizz — how cute is this rim? I love the shape of these and everyone I serve with this glass comments on how “cool” the glasses feel.

This super-cute lunch bag is the perfect size for taking to work with me each day and the bright and cheery pattern always makes me smile.

I have written about this water bottle before and I am repeating it now because it’s the best. It fits in your car cup, gives you 18 ounces of space, comes in fun colors, and does not have a straw to keep up with and wash. I have it in pink and yellow.

For the price, these are a total steal. I have worn them many times now and they are super-comfortable, have a Western vibe without screaming “cowgirl,” and brush off dirt easily. I also love that you can wear a real sock and not have to do those liner socks with the boots that show your ankle. Get yourself these cute boots before they’re gone!

These earrings are the perfect amount of pearl pizzaz to add to any outfit from the office to holiday parties to running errands. I love the way they fit on my ear and aren't too heavy either. The price point and quality make them a great gift for the girl who loves to wear fun, but practical jewelry.

This is HANDS DOWN the best hot chocolate ever. What sets this apart (and contributes to the price) is the real chocolate shavings, which you melt into hot milk. I love all the flavors, but the Salted Caramel might be my favorite. Add in marshmallows on top for the perfect winter treat.

I have this purse in black from Target and I think it is the perfect size. I love the ladylike design and how easily you can wipe it clean if you get anything on it. I chose this color to giveaway because it can take you from winter through spring and even into summer.

This Sail to Sable (one of my favorite brands) & Style Charade (one of my favorite fashion bloggers) Teamed up to create this capsule collection that is full of pink and red and BOWS. I love bows, I love dresses I can twirl in and I love the color pink. This dress is super comfortable, very flattering, perfect for the holidays, and also for Valentine's Day. This dress can go from the office to a holiday party to church to a baby shower, which is the kind of dress I love.

Happiest Holidays,


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